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Commemorative Speech Essay

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Different personal types exist around the world. Each type is specific for each person, and it is how we can see differences from the other people. My type of personality abbreviation is (ESTJ). It means that I am (E) extravert, (S) sensing, (T) thinking and (J) judging. On the other hand my learning style preference is a combination of aural and kinesthetic because I think that we need to listen or see methods to learn anything. It means that you need to practice or you need that someone tells you how can you do anything for you know how can you do it. Personally I think that you learn when you practice what you want to learn.

As I say, I am extravert. I think that it helps in my process of learning because it makes be able to explain and discuss my points of view, that I can have many friends that can help me with anything that I need and the most important thing that I can work with my class mates in a friendly environment that facilitates the process of learning. For example, I am Colombian and English is not my first language. Sometimes I do not understand some things, but I try to make many friends in each Santiesteban 2

class and they have helped me so much in the homework‘s or classwork‘s that I maybe do not understand. I also try to speak every time with them and it helps to improve my English in the short time that I have been here.

Secondly, I tend to be sensing and I think that allows to me be specific in what I need to learn and that I take methods, examples or ideas that I already learned to apply for life. For example in the process of learning when I need to learn anything, I need specific explanations of How can I do it and personally I think that the specific answers are the best method to learn because it gives you the way that you must follow step by step to finally get what you want, in this case learn what you need.

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Third, I choose thinking, being a thinking person is appropriate in a learning process because you can make good decisions without involving your feelings, do your things being impartial and impersonal, you are fair with everything you do and do not think about the causes but the impact. An example of this is the teachers, they have to be thinking people because they have to be impersonal at the time of rank and rate the student and don’t think if they are close to them or know them or are friends with them. They have to be fair with every decision they make, and if they involve feelings they do wrong their job and teaching in a bad way that later will affect the student to a short or long term.

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Finally, I am a judging person and I think is a thing that could have a big influence in your life; like you can have an exigent life, and be demanding with the decisions you make, keeping your things in order and being responsible with all that I have to do, thinking about the future and what the decision would bring to me. Being a judging person is better for learning because you require much effort of you and every time you are asking yourself for more and not conforming to a lame job, working firmly until the end and never giving up on things you started, always being punctual and showing that you can get really good results if you work hard.

I think that it helped me so much because I learned things about my personality and my learning style that really I did not know and now I can use these things to make my process of learning easier. I define myself principally as a responsible person. I think that it is where we have to
base to get our goals. If we are responsible and we work with effort, I am sure that we can get whatever we want. I need to know difference when use the aural style to learning and when use the kinesthetic style because I tend to use always the aural style, but sometimes we need to make the things, I learn from the experience of something that we have practiced before.

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