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Corruption Essay

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If two or more persons meet together and start talking about the present society of India, they soon come to the conclusion that every system, every institution of India is infested with corruption. Corruption has become so common in public life that people are now averse to thinking of public life without this phenomenon. Meaning:

But what does Corruption actually mean?
Corruption means perversion of morality, integrity, character of duty out of mercenary motives (e.g. bribery) without regard to honour, right or justice. In public life, a corrupt person is one who bestows undue favor on someone with whom; he has monetary or other interests (e.g. nepotism). Simultaneously, those who genuinely deserve those things as their right remain deprived. Not a new phenomenon:

Corruption in public life is not a modern phenomenon. It was prevalent in the political and civic life of even Maura period as has been discussed by Chanakya in the Arthassastra. (Give other examples)… But it is only recently that Corruption has become remnant in our public life. People no longer protest against corrupt practices, fight injustice or express any shock when big scandals are exposed. Also corruption is not uniquely Indian phenomenon; it is witnessed all over the world (USA, Japan, Italy, etc.) Forms of corruption in India: Explain bribery, nepotism, theft and wastage of public property, dereliction of duty… etc. Extent of corruption: Start with a hospital where a child is born and move further on to education – system, career opportunities, political system, judiciary, law and order, other day – to – day activities… till post – modern report and crematorium. Results of corruption: Individual sufferings, people lose faith in the existing system, prevalence of chaos and ‘anarchy, society disintegrates, country becomes weak, foreign invasion may occur…’ Causes of corruption:

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It is a vicious circle. Start with those politicians, who run the state, come down to higher officials… then to the lowest rung of bureaucratic hierarchy. Lastly, come to the general people’. Who elect the” corrupt people as their representatives’ and expect special favors from them.

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