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Hero Flashcards Essay Examples

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Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

Who is Edward Snowden? A computer specialist that worked for NSA, a high-tech division of the U.S Department of Defense. What did he do? He leaked domestic and international classified information on our allies. How did people react? Americans were disturbed by the invasion of privacy. Foreign Officials were outraged to figure out that allies…

chapter 5

Why does Johnny think he is a hero (p. 76)? Do you think Dally is a hero based on what he did? Johnny thinks that he is a hero because if Dally didn’ t give them the gun and money, if they got in a fight they would have nothing to fight back with to…

English Heroes

Jason’s birth son of king; sent away from home because of danger; grew up in the care of others Jason’s goal/quest to get the golden fleece and his kingdom Jason’s journey traveled by ship-going to Colchis Jason’s friend/guide Hera, Eros, Cupid, Aphrodite, Madea, Phineaus Jason’s tests Harpies, the Amazons, Scylla, Charybdis Jason’s darkness (abyss) his…



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Beowulf Test

How does Hrothgar’s family single him out as a leader? He was so great in combat and war that he was looked at as the leader. Why does Hrothgar build a mead-hall and what is it called? To show that’s it’s greater than any other mead-hall on the earth. It’s named Heorot. Place for gathering…

Andrew Jackson- Hero or Villain?

AJ leader of dem party and started it AJ popular war hero AJ pres from 1829-1837 destroyed it what did aj do to the second national bank increasdd increased or decreased people’s participation in gov aj forced na mirgations aj killed a man in a duel defending his wife and fought many duels over 150…

Julius Caesar Act I and II

Explain the image of the climber on the ladder The image itself is a man at the top of a ladder, literally in the clouds, with everyone else at the bottom of the ladder. The man at the top represents Caesar, as he has the most power. Brutus is worried that when Caesar reaches the…

Chapter 13 Section 2

What is a mosaic? a design formed with small tiles of glass, stone, or pottery What was different between Greek and Roman sculptures? Greeks made their sculptors idealized their subjects, or made them look like ideal people. They’re sculptures were young and beautiful people. Romans showed them how they were in real life. How did…

COM 335 Key Terms

BANK WIRING ROOM Between 1927 and 1932, a series of studies was carried out in Western Electric’s Hawthorne plant in Chicago. The aim of the studies was to tell management about the sources of employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Two major findings emerged from the series of studies: 1. The “Hawthorne effect” suggesting that management attention,…

AP Art History Gallery 6

Ara Pacis Augustae Set: Pax Romana (13 BCE) Function: to celebrate the establishment of Roman rule in the provinces of Gual (France) and Hispania (Spain/Portugal). Triumphant of Augustus’s return to Rome Content: imagery of Augustus’ family Focus: allegorical/symbolic to establishment of peace and prosperity. In original setting, it would have aligned with a sundial and…

cicero background

when and where was cicero born Arpinum(nearly 60 miles from Rome,eastern Latium,in valley of the river Liris),Jan 3 106 BC why did the family move to Rome during C’s childhood better education-best advantages of Rome during what war did Cicero serve in the army social war what is the Latin name for the series of…

Organized and Consensual Crime, Mid-term review, Chp. 3

Irish By most accounts, this was the first major immigrant group to enter the United States. Urban politics became the route for Irish immigrants to follow to attain local power and upward mobility. In most cases, this person was closely affiliated with corner taverns and often some aspects of criminality. The Politician This name has…

Business thought

Moral Law Strategic planning and capturing plan Heaven Proposal operating environment: timeline/schedule earth proposal operating environment: logistics/tools/resources the commander manager with knowledge method and discipline well trained employees What are the five constant factors of the art of war according to Sun Tzu and how might they apply to business? The Moral Law, Heaven, Earth,…

History of Rhetoric-Renaissance

Renaissance rhetoric Created by numerous individual contributions, such as Trapezuntius’s incorporation of Greek rhetoric, Valla’s critique of Aristotelian logic, Agricola’s use of the topics to analyze classical literature, and Erasmus’s exercises in the possibilities of expression. Themes of Renaissance Rhetoric The consequences of greater knowledge of ancient literature and the classical world; the place of…

General Science II Module 1 Test

Sir Isaac Newton supported the Biblical accounted of Creation True People were created by God as an extremely intelligent being True Aristotle was a Renaissance scientist False LaMarack thought that acquired characteristics could be inherited True The cotton gin was a great invention for food production False Technology is applied science True Technology applies the…

APUSH- CH. 34 & 35

Cordell Hull FDR’s Secretary of State who believed in reciprocal trade policy of the New Dealers, as well as a low tariff; led to the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934; supported the Good Neighbor policy Joseph Stalin Communist leader of Russia; on of the 3 big powers during WWII along with Roosevelt and Churchill;…

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